Bafta Bianca!!!

Pentru Bianca a inceput o saptamana plina de emotii: saptamana BAC-ului!!! Dupa luni de pregatire, incepand de astazi multi elevi au intrat in febra bacului!

Va uram multa bafta si va tinem pumnii!!!

Bianca, you're the best!!! Stim ca o sa te descurci minunat!!!

For Bianca has just begun a week full of great emotions: the Bachelor's degree exams!!! Starting today, exam fever hots up for thousands of students all over the country.   

We wish you all good luck and keep our fingers crossed!!!

Bianca, you're the best!!! We know you'll do great!!!

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4 comentarii:

Anonymous said...

Bafta multa Bianca! Sa vii cu 10 de la bac!!!

georgiana drumen said...

Multa bafta bianca*:<3

Bianca said...

Va multumesc :D >:D< :*

Anonymous said...

DRUMEN..we want to know about BRANPE and JAWND and WONDE.
We want to know about CHENES and SLAVE FARMS with SQUASH and then go onto BOAKER with BAUTERS and SAILL on the SYN SEA SEVEN.
Can you get back to us with BAZZLECO, too because MOEBACO- ACCING having a meltdown with STING and ASOCHER in PUNCOC.
Not to be confused with COCONS- COCTU- COCNINES.

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